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Memphis Transformer Plant Information

Our new Memphis factory will undoubtedly play an important role in providing reliable energy infrastructure as our nations power grid continues to expand. The Memphis location was chosen because of its pro-business environment, a strong logistics infrastructure, an attractive quality of life and the ability for the company to recruit and retain employees.  This facility will expand our capacity and allow us to stay globally competitive in the expanding energy market. 

 This new world-class facility will include:

  • A 350,000 square foot state of the art factory and office building on a 100-acre   waterfront site in  Rivergate Industrial Park.
  • Products: Shell-type power transformers for the following applications:

                       Generator step-up transformers

                       Step-down power transformers


                       Shunt reactor

  • Transformer capacity: 300MVA and larger
  • Transformer operating voltages: 161 kV to 765 kV
  • Transformer weight: in excess of 400 tons
  • Start of operation: April 2013