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MR Computer
The Mitsubishi Real-Time (MR) Computer is a distributed, industrial computer incorporating the MELCO real-time, POSIX-compliant operating system, MI-RT. Also the MR computer is supplemented with advanced Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) functions required for the HSI to monitor and operate nuclear power plant non-safety systems. These functions provide ensured system response times, fault detection, retry mechanisms for recoverable errors, and error logging. The MR Computer modules are suited for plant operating environmental conditions such as electromagnetic noise and are designed to conform to equivalent seismic qualifications as Class 1E equipment. For applications requiring higher reliability, MR Computers can be configured as a redundant pair, which also allows the MR Computer to be maintained in-situ. ​​


  • Digital Human System Interface
  • Alarm and Data Acquisition System
  • Plant Operations Computer System
  • Technical Support Center System
  • Safety Parameter Display System

Operational Experience

  • The MR Computer platform was first applied in 2004
  • Installed at over 20 systems in nuclear power plants in Japan
  • Over 1 million hours of operational experience in Japan

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