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The Computer Based Procedure (CBP) system uses computer touch screen display that provides control room operators with an operating procedure system that is interactive and continuously updated with live plant data. Operators can quickly navigate to appropriate procedure steps or other related procedures using the hyperlink navigation.  The CBP system reduces the operator’s workload and allows the procedures to be executed efficiently.

 System Features

The CBP system is linked via computer network to the control room operation computer which allows the CBP system to provide sophisticated functionality, including hyperlink navigation to Operational Visual Display Units (VDUs) and live parameter display.

  • Touch Screen Operation with Enhanced Guidance Functions
    • Operators can view, interact, and manage the plant with site specific procedures via touch operation on a wide screen display (Procedure VDU). Built-in navigation functions such as tree-view table of contents, bookmarking, and change history allow for browsing the procedure easily and quickly.

  • Dynamic Integration between Alarm VDUs - Procedure VDUs - Operational VDUs
    • Communications between the VDUs allow for advanced navigation and efficient alarm response. For example, operators can navigate from the Alarm VDU to an appropriate alarm response procedure through a touch-link on the alarm title. 


  • Multi Implementation
    • Multiple CBP displays can be installed in the control room. A system-wide synchronization function maintains consistent place keeping information among all of the CBP displays.