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Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Motor
For many years, MELCO has supplied highly reliable RCP motors which is essential for cooling the reactor, and requires high reliability for plant operation.

Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) Coil

For many years, MELCO has supplied highly reliable CRDM coils which generate the electromagnetic force required for the CRDM to drive and maintain control rods to the demanded position. MELCO's product offering can be applied to both major grip type of control rod: double and single gripper



Electrical Penetration
MELCO offers highly reliable and easy-to-maintain design philosophy that matches its application usage for electrical penetration.

Emergency Diesel Generator and Control System
MELCO offers highly reliable emergency diesel generator that is needed to support operation of the plant when the external power supply is not available.


Other MELCO product offerings:


Pressurizer Heater
The pressurizer heater adjusts pressurizer pressure that applies pressure to the reactor coolant.
Power Supply for Control Rod Drive Mechanism
A power supply that provides electric power to CRDM needed to move control rods.
Reactor Trip Breaker
The reactor trip breaker board drops the control rods in the reactor core to prevent heat generation in the reactor.
For export outside of Japan, an export license according to the Japanese Foreign Exchange Control Law must be obtained for applicable items.