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Electric Motor
MELCO offers various types of electric motors according to the capacity or usage for both safety and non-safety; such as the Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) Motor, and the Circulating Water Pump Motor.
Video Surveillance System
For safety plant operation, the monitoring of the locations where the operating staff cannot go or is not normally manned is required. In order to monitor these locations, MELCO supplies the high resolution video surveillance system which can visualize a wide range of area including the place where operating staff does not have direct visual.

Noise Monitoring System
The noise monitoring system is used to check the condition in the reactor by monitoring the sound of water flow in the reactor.
Paging Communication System
The paging communication system is used to broadcast an announcement in the plant, or to communicate among the operating staffs.
MELCO offers communication system which uses up-to-date communication technologies and unified multi functions.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
For more than 30 years, MELCO has supplied UPS components and systems of compact design, high maintainability and reliability.
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Other Products
In addition, MELCO supplies many products to nuclear power plants such as elevators, lighting equipment.
For export outside of Japan, an export license according to the Japanese Foreign Exchange Control Law must be obtained for applicable items.