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Upgrade Benefits


A digital plant controls upgrade reduces maintenance effort and cost. The self-diagnostic functions of the MELTAC® platform dramatically reduce safety system test time and eliminate the need for physical inspection, and the use of reliable digital components reduces spare parts inventory and eliminates instrument channel drift (an inherent characteristic of analog systems). By reducing maintenance outages, plant safety and operational efficiency increase; this means normal plant operations are interrupted less often. After a digital upgrade to the control room, operator awareness and efficiency are improved. Large graphical displays replace traditional analog control panels; these displays inform plant status at a glance. At the operator console are interfaces that enable the operator to view plant details and monitor multiple plant processes and trends. This increases efficiency by bringing all plant controls, both safety and non-safety, to the operator station and by consolidating and summarizing critical information.

  • Integrated digital control room through plant modernization
  • Reactor Protection System
  • Engineered Safety Features Actuation System
  • Reactor Control System
  • Control Rod Drive Mechanism Control System
  • Digital Rod Position Indication System
  • Turbine Protection System
  • Turbine Electro-Hydraulic Governor Control System
  • Balance of Plant Controls
  • Annunciator Systems
  • Nuclear Instrumentation System
  • In-Core Instrumentation System
  • Radiation Monitoring System
  • Other applications are also possible