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The Mitsubishi standard digital HSI incorporates NUREG-0711 elements, and underwent successful verification and validation by approximately 200 nuclear power plant operators using a full scale simulator.
Flexible operator interface stations with diverse and integrated control functionality
  • Complete plant information and control within arm’s reach – all information and controls are easily accessible to each operator
  • Touch-screen interfaces with flexible menus to select any one out of hundreds of information elements, for display


Multi-division operator interfaces with information processing and controls automation

  • Operators can control all safety and non-safety divisions from the same touchscreen panels
  • Automation allows plant information to be summarized and control tasks to be consolidated and simplified, decreasing operator workload


Application of the Mitsubishi HSI System to a nuclear power plant results in a configuration with an integrated main control room and similar operation centers for the Remote Shutdown Room and Technical Support Center.  
Operational Applications
Hokkaido Electric/Tomari Unit #3 Shikoku Electric/Ikata Units #1 & #2​
  • ​Full Scope digital HSI/I&C for new build plant
  • Factory tested and shipped 2007
  • Installation and I&C system operation in 2008
  • Plant commercial operation date was November 2009
  • ​Digital upgrade of all safety and non-safety systems, including replacements of the main control boards for the operating power plants
  • Factory tested, shipped, and installed in 2008
  • Final installation and resumption of commercial operations during single outage in 2009
​​​ ​​