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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Incorporated UPS Division offers a full range of hands-on training classes for Authorized Service Providers (ASP) and operators on all of our UPS systems.   
                                                           2017 UPS Training Schedule*    
Month Days  Class Type Status
April  10-13  MEPPI Techs  
April  17-21 9900A, 9900B  ASP  Openings
April  22-24 Custom  Onsite  Sold Out
April-May  29-1 Custom  ASP  Sold Out
May  2, 3, 4, 5 Custom  ASP  Call to schedule
May  8, 8am - 12 Noon 9800, 2033D  ASP  Openings
May  22 8am - 26 Noon 9900A, 9900B  ASP  Openings
June  5 8am - 9 Noon 9900A, 9900B  ASP  Openings
 ASP     = Authorized Service Provider  
 FR        = First Responder  
 Custom = As needed/Onsite training contracted  

* indicates prior certification in 9900A required

Participants should read the Nondisclosure, UPS Customer Training Electrical Safety Policy, 

    Conduct Code Agreement, and Agreement and Policy Signature page prior to coming to class.
-All classes start on Monday 8AM EST and end at noon on Friday unless otherwise scheduled.
-Participants are to arrive at 8AM EST at dock A of 520  Keystone Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086.
-Participants are required to accrue 40 hours of shadowing after the class prior to certification.
-Online: 9900B prerequisite is 9900A. 1100 prerequisite is certification in 9900 Mitsubishi unit.