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 Power Transformer Products



598MVA 525/230kV


Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) is a worldwide leader in the technology of power transformers. With over several thousand large power transformer units produced and over 85 years of experience and reliability MEPPI will continue to be a leader in the development and advancement of power transformers for energy transmission and distribution systems throughout the world.

MEPPI manufactures large power transformers of both shell-form and core-form design at the Ako Works facility, located in Ako City, Japan.  In general, MEPPI has chosen to supply shell-form transformer designs for high voltage and/ or large capacity applications.  The approximate transition point between the core-form range and shell-form range has been selected as 120 MVA bank capacity, and 230 kV high voltage winding rating.  All MEPPI supplied transformers above this transition point adopt the shell-form design due to the inherent advantages of the shell-form design for high voltage, large capacity applications.