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 Transformer Information


Ako Works, Japan


For more than eighty-five years Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has been building and delivering highly reliable and robustly designed transformers to satisfied customers across the world. With expertise in designing solutions for even the most challenging applications we have a solution that’s right for your generation and transmission needs.


All of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.'s high quality transformers are designed at the Mitsubishi Electric Ako-Works, located in Japan - one of the most advanced transformer manufacturing facilities in the world. The Ako-Works facility produces transformers with ratings up to 3000 MVA bank-capacity and 1050 kV voltage class, and is a world leader in research and development of tomorrow’s transformer technology.

For the US market, we currently focus on providing large power transformers primarily of 500 MVA, 230 kV and greater - where many of the benefits of our shell-form design can be realized. We also offer generator step-up transformers for combustion turbine, combined cycle and other power plant applications.

In addition to oil-filled shell-form transformers, we can also supply SF6 gas insulated transformers, and shunt reactors.