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SF6 Gas Insulated Transformers


22kV/390V 1500kVA SF6 Gas-Insulated Transformer


Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) supplies SF6 gas-insulated transformers for applications where a non-flammable, non-polluting transformer is desired, such as in densely populated areas, inside buildings, and in areas near lakes and rivers where potential oil leakage from a conventional transformer would be harmful to the environment. 

MEPPI's Gas Insulated transformers are designed to reduce fire hazards and have less impact on the environment. SF6 gas insulated type transformers are the most clean and safe to operate.

The core is made of high-grade, cold-rolled, grain-oriented, silicon-steel sheets that have been given an inorganic-film treatment to help the core maintain its excellent characteristics.

Making full use of the superior characteristics of grain-oriented silicon-steel sheets, the core slots adopt the frame construction. The core legs are tightened firmly to avoid characteristics degradation due to loosening. In large-capacity transformers having a core of large sectional area, cooling ducts are provided to prevent overheating in the core.

MEPPI uses a high series-capacitance (hisercap) winding for the high-voltage coil. This coil has a special turn arrangement which significantly increases the series capacitance of the coil.

MEPPI SF6 gas-insulated transformers have a coil construction highly resistant to impulse voltage, and are provided with insulating barriers and static shields that moderate and make uniform the electric-field strength.

Ratings: Distribution class to 275kV