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Standard Features​

  • Stainless steel welded-on 11 gauge roof and lifting lugs
  • 11 gauge carbon-steel enclosure
  • Two through-wall SST Ground Pads
  • Galvanized legs, two inch increments
  • Three-point breaker door latch
  • 37" X 37" footprint
  • MEPPI quality and performance

The Breaker Module

  • 17.5kV-1,200A/2,000A, 115kV BIL
  • 25kAIC @ X/R=30 (Tested)
  • True three cycle operation
  • More than 30,000 mechanical operations (tested)
  • Twenty 25kA fault interruptions before bottle replacement
  • 30 year life design
  • One-piece bottle mechanism model--<1-1/2 hour R&R
  • >1000% contact service ability vs. ANSI 800% (tested)
  • Axial magnetic field copper-chromium contacts
  • Designed and tested to ANSI and IEC Standards

The BH-2 Mechanism

  • Simple spring/spring stored energy operation
  • One O-CO if motor power is lost
  • <50 moving parts in entire breaker module
  • Six second motor charge time
  • Universal motor voltages (1.5A running current; 6.9A locked rotor @ 125VDC)
  • Single or dual trip coils (<6A current)
  • Up to 10a, 10b fixed auxiliary contacts
  • Greaseless gears utilizing low-friction plating
  • Routine maintenance every seven years


Ratings (Tested to ANSI/IEEE and IEC Standards or Higher)


Breaker Type 17DV-25-12 or -20 Rapid Duty Cycle O-0.3s-CO-15sec-CO-50sec-CO
Maximum Voltage 17.5kV Opening Time 30 ms (1.8 cycles)
Nominal Voltage 2.4kV to 17.5kV Closing Time 60 ms (3.6 cycles)
Full Load Current 1,200A or 2,000A Minimum Reclosing Time

50 ms 

Short Circuit Current

25kA Interrupting, X/R=30

Range of Reclosing Time 3-120 cycles

Interrupting Time

True 3 cycles Back-to-Back Capacitor Switching 500A
Frequency 60Hz Reactor Switching 1,600A (Tested per IEC standards)
Full Wave Withstand 115kV BIL Rated Altitude 1,600m (5,500 feet)
Low Frequency Withstand 50kV Temperature Range (Standard) +50 degrees C to -40 degrees C
Permissible Trip Delay 2 seconds Min. Temperature w/ Extra Heater -50 degrees C
Close and Latch Capabilities 25kA RMS, 65kA Crest Seismic Level IEEE 693 (1997) highest level