MEPPI Projects $12,000 Savings in First Year Total Cost

The replacement of a fully depreciated, legacy oil circuit breaker with a MEPPI 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker may present roughly $42,000 of total first year cost, whereas our estimate of maintenance on a legacy oil circuit breaker may present roughly $54,000 of total annual cost.  The idea is that the savings comes from three key operational considerations:
  • The MEPPI 5 kV Circuit Breaker is a drop in unit.  It was designed with one of the smallest physical footprints so as to easily fit within the same footprint of the legacy oil circuit breaker.
  • The vacuum technology versus the legacy oil technology is almost maintenance free versus maintenance intensive.
  • The legacy oil technology degrades over operations.  This drives accelerated maintenance cycles for these circuit breakers.  Because most of these breakers are now entering decades in operation, it is a large and growing total cost of ownership to keep them operational.
These three things drive our design, our product and the total cost of ownership claim that MEPPI has estimated.