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GAS INSULATED SUBSTATIONS  |     advanced designs, range of applications, and superior performance





​Standard Air Insulated Substations (AIS) require large amounts of space in strategic locations. Because GIS requires up to 90 percent less space than AIS installations, substation developers, and planners have greater design flexibility when employing GIS technology. In fact, the Mitsubishi Electric GIS is so compact it can be located inside a building or underground, hidden from view and shielded from the elements.
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products tailors each GIS solution to its intended application and excels at:
• Green field installations where aesthetics or a small footprint is required
• Interfacing with and replacing old GIS equipment (in situ-replacements)
• Space-saving additions to existing switchyards
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products can also accommodate hybrid gas-insulated and air-insulated designs for substations. A hybrid application of GIS employs the same dead-tank circuit breakers, SF6 gas insulated disconnects and grounding switches to individual air-insulated arrangements. When the GIS is used for individual voltage control applications, such as reactor or capacitor switching in an air-insulated switchyard, utilities can achieve up to a 70 percent decrease in footprint.
New substation installed under existing transmission lines inside utility owned right-of-way. No additional land requisition or permitting required. ​ Hybrid GIS design increasing the capacity of an air insulated switchyard without expanding the fence line.
GIS housed in a building in order to keep it out of view and protect operating personnel from the environment.

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