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GAS INSULATED SUBSTATIONS  |     advanced designs, range of applications, and superior performance





Mitsubishi Electric supplies four-inch diameter viewports on each disconnect and ground-switch that make inspection easy, without the need for additional cameras. This important safety feature provides a clear view of contacts so operations and maintenance can verify that each switch contact is in the proper position.​
Superior Gas Management
The flexibility of Mitsubishi Electric GIS designs allows the gas systems to be tailored to each application. Understanding the need for network contingency planning and provisions for future expansion, Mitsubishi Electric works with utilities to develop the best single line configuration and SF6 gas compartment segregation for greater system availability during maintenance or other outage conditions.
Access and Interlocking
Every GIS from Mitsubishi Electric is designed to ensure safe ingress and egress points from the switchgear; easy access to operators, gas density monitors and viewports; proper interlocking of switching components; and clear visibility to lock-out and tag-out identifiers.
Monitoring and Reporting
Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of solutions to continuously monitor the condition and performance of your substation including electronic current transformers, partial discharge monitoring, gas density trending, and circuit breaker condition.
Advanced Controls
Synchronous controllers and closing resistors are available for independent pole applications that require precise control. These devices effectively manage switching for transformers, transmission lines, capacitor and reactor banks to mitigate transients and the effects they may have on both the equipment and the transmission circuit.
Seismic Stability
Each GIS model is centered over a low-profile, horizontal circuit breaker tank that rests on a rigid support structure for the highest degree of seismic stability. Individual components are designed and manufactured according to IEEE Standard 693. Specialized software and vibration laboratories can further verify the seismic design of complete, assembled substations for any application.

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