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​​GAS INSULATED SUBSTATIONS  |     advanced designs, range of applications, and superior performance





Mitsubishi Electric Power Products offers both pneumatic and spring operated mechanisms at 550kV. Each is environmentally friendly and more easily adaptable to temperature fluctuations than other devices.
The single break pneumatic operating mechanism uses compressed air to open the interrupter contacts, and a spring, compressed during the opening operation, to close the contacts. Featuring a distinctive design using a minimum amount of piping, a single compressor is supplied for all three poles of the circuit breaker. The breaker, can be tripped 4 to 5 times without recharging because of air reservoirs at each pole.
A two-break, dual-torsion spring mechanism, similar to those used for 245 and 362kV applications, is also available for certain 550kV applications. This breaker is capable of a single open-close-open (O-CO) operating cycle without motor operation and can continue with close-open (CO) functions every 15 seconds with motor operations.
Both mechanisms are verified through the testing of more than 10,000 operations. With thousands of units in service around the world, Mitsubishi Electric customers receive quality, dependable products regardless of operational preference.

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