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Static Var Compensators

LTT Thyristor Valves

Balancing the supply and demand of active and reactive power in an electrical power system is essential to the stability of any power system. Having an appropriate voltage and reactive power control measure is one of the most important factors in controlling the stability and performance of a power system. Thus, Static Var Compensators provide superior stability and performance through rapid and continuous capacitive and inductive reactive power supply to the power system.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products provides Static Var Compensators with superior features including:

• Optimized SVC system design
• High quality and reliability
• Easy Maintenance
• Light Triggered Thyristors
• Flexible Digital Controllers

SVC System Engineering:
• System Planning
• System Design
• Control and Protection Design
• Hardware Design

Flexible Digital Control Systems:
• Easy Parameter Adjustment
• Reliable Software Configuration
• Power System Simulator