The Originator of Large Screen Video Displays

Thrilling Fans since 1980
Our Diamond Vision™ installation at Dodger Stadium in 1980 established Mitsubishi Electric as a true pioneer in the development of large-scale video displays. This was the culmination of decades of experience and innovation in picture quality in all screen sizes. Mitsubishi Electric big screens have been star performers at major events worldwide for nearly two decades. Sports stadiums, race tracks, arenas, coliseums and concert halls have come to depend on Diamond Vision for the highest resolution, the brightest, most colorful and clearest imaging available today. Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision displays are easy to install and use, and can be easily adapted to your particular application.

Unequaled Reliability
At Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision, experience makes the difference in quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence, performance and operational dependability has been a Mitsubishi Electric hallmark for nearly a quarter-century. In fact, many systems installed in the early 1980s are still in full operation today. It's this proven capability which is the best reason for insisting on a Mitsubishi Electric large-scale video display.

Larger than Life, Inside or Out
Diamond Vision screens have superior image quality, even in the brightest conditions. Images are free of patchy color and light dispersion. Because of a non-interlace scanning method which refreshes the whole image, flicker or blurring in still or moving video images are nonexistent. And optimized vertical and horizontal viewing angles allow spectators to enjoy the screen from almost anywhere in the house.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes a unique image processing system that creates a dynamic pixel to produce high-definition, vivid images unlike any produced by other systems. This dynamic pixel technology is consistent among all Diamond Vision models, whether installed indoors or out. Special circumstances may also be addressed by Diamond Vision innovations. For outdoor installations, our unique contrast filters and shaders prevent images from washing out in direct sunlight. For indoor displays, special micro-lens filters provide extremely wide viewing angles and high contrast.

Modularity and Flexibility
Diamond Vision displays are designed based on a modular concept. The modular nature of Diamond Vision Systems provides the flexibility to design a display to suit virtually any application and helps reduce installation time. Flexibility in design also allows screens to be used in many applications, such as permanent stadium and arena installations, wall-mounted advertising displays, and truck-mounted, and modular mobile systems.

The Only Choice
No matter how demanding or challenging your video display requirements are, Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision systems can be designed and adapted to meet your needs.

The Innovator of Large Scale Video Display

Instant Success
Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision displays never fail to draw rave reviews and always add to spectator enjoyment, but the return on investment doesn't stop there.

A Diamond Vision system can be a major contributor to your bottom line, generating increased revenues from on-screen advertising, as well as from eye-catching signage adjacent to the screen.

Crowd-Pleasing Quality
Diamond Vision systems deliver excitement in the form of big, beautiful images with stunning resolution and brightness. Heightened contrast provides a vivid picture even at long-distance viewing. Action images are presented without even a hint of flicker or blurring and are easily viewed at broad horizontal and vertical viewing angles, even in full daylight.

Forward Compatibility
Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision displays are designed with the future in mind. Forward compatibility is built into every system, ensuring compatibility today and for years to come. Diamond Vision systems are compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM TV broadcast and video system signals, as well as HDTV, EDTV, and most computer graphic signals.

User Friendly
Diamond Vision systems are designed for easy operation. Systems can be operated with a simple control panel that requires the mere push of a button, or via a Personal Computer Interface that includes special effects, custom messaging and graphics and various video editing functions such as wipe, crawl, scroll and zoom. Displays can also be programmed to run, and be turned on and off automatically, an especially attractive feature for freestanding and advertising applications.

Built To Last
Diamond Vision displays are designed for many years of trouble-free service. Longevity begins with a quality product manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified factory environment, and ends with an installation by a team of fully trained and experienced professionals. All of this attention to quality supports your bottom line by extending the service life of your Diamond Vision display.